A Little About Us

Mike Makino, the founder, envisioned a service for small to midsize businesses with a basic idea: business should embrace the newest technology and not be limited or settle because they could not manage it.

This simple idea and vision is why Coastline Technology Group was founded. He realized that businesses can improve by partnering with people they can rely on with the ever evolving front of technology, security, business solutions, and security threats. Our mission is to be a business partner that allows business owners to worry about their business and not their technology though unparalleled customer service and industry knowledge.

We stay connected to the industry by regularly attending conferences and being active in our Partner Networks to keep well versed in current and developing technology advancements. Coastline Technology Group represents the excellence that Makino pushes for in all aspects of his life. We take unrivaled pride in representing our company and stand by each and every client to provide them with the absolute best in technology and customer service.

Meet the Team